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The e-commerce market is constantly growing and we at Comunicativi are ready to help you make the most of the opportunities it offers. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we can transform your online selling ideas into a successful reality, helping you expand your digital presence and maximize your revenue.

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Elevate your online presence to a new level with a custom-designed e-commerce for your business: from design to implementation, we are here to accompany you towards success in the digital commerce world!

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Whether you're selling online services or real products, have a boundless catalog or just a few types of items, always keep the same prices or run periodic discounts. Whatever your goal, you can create an e-commerce to boost sales, even if you already have a physical store. Thus, you'll have the opportunity to increase your customer base and sell anywhere you want to reach.

You might have never thought of selling online, but there are e-commerce solutions for both small businesses and large multinationals. The difference isn't in the programs used to build them, but in their structure. Every business, no matter how small, can equip itself with an e-commerce and use it to sell its products throughout Italy, or even globally. It's important, however, to build an e-commerce that is clear, simple, and informative. This way, customers can easily navigate, find what they're looking for, and, without too many complications, proceed directly to purchase. We at Comunicativi stand against abandoned, unattended carts!


You might think it seems like a waste of time, but know that first we'll thoroughly analyze your products and activities and only then start to create the structure we think is strategically best. Only this way can you achieve real results and be found by the right customers!

For an e-commerce that functions online, we'll first create an internal search engine that allows your users to find all the information they want in the shortest possible time. Because if they have to lose themselves searching, they'll abandon the cart after a few seconds... Instead, our goal is a fast checkout... with a full cart! We'll build a custom marketing automation that collects and organizes data obtained from users and triggers programmed actions, to optimize times and ease your work. We can add a management system for offers, coupons, scheduled sales to increase online sales during interest periods. Finally, we'll connect all this to your management system, if you have one, so that inventory and stocks are updated in real time. Thus, your e-commerce will have the best user experience for your customers and potential new buyers, but will also be easy for you to manage.


Did you know that in 2021, 76.8% of people between 16 and 64 years old shopped online? The answer should come naturally: you should already have an e-commerce, or you need to set it up immediately! You can't miss the chance for a virtual store that operates autonomously and allows you to sell products or services far away from your physical location. You won't need to open a new branch, but you can manage everything in one place: accesses, sales, shipments, returns, and direct communications with customers. The sooner you contact us, the sooner your portal will be online, the sooner you'll start selling on digital channels. No matter if you're not experienced in the field or if you think your product isn't suitable: we will support you and advise you on the best path, the one that can bring you the most profit. And, finally, if you think your budget for e-commerce isn't enough, contact us anyway: we'll inform you about the possibilities of obtaining grants for your project!